Don is not only my personal trainer but my friend, Don gave me the belief and confidence to push forward in my life. Without Don teaching me and pushing me even when I didn't think I could keep going, I'm not sure what I would have done!






The training sessions are good fun. Don has a very positive attitude - and that really helps to keep me motivated. He is great at suggesting a wide variety of exercises to help with what I need and adapts his exercises so that each session has the right level of challenge.






Don helped me to actually enjoy exercise! I was exercising really inefficiently before I started working with Don, but I now know how to get maximum benefit from a shorter work out. His sessions are super hard work but really fun!






Training with Don is the full PT package: he's dedicated, organised and motivating (he's even funny!). And his approach works, I noticed real body changes in 2 weeks. He mixes up the sessions to keep you constantly on your toes and knows how to push you further than you think you can go.






Don makes my training routine exciting and varied, adapting the exercises to my specific needs, I would not hesitate in recommending him to others.






I think one of the most important things is that Don is genuinely a nice person and always goes beyond what you expect of him. He has also helped me out with a plan for home exercises so I can continue to improve outside of our sessions. I have noticed a huge difference in my upper body strength. Thanks Don!






I've been training with Don for over 8 months now and he has been incredibly attentive working closely with my physiotherapist to help fix an underlying knee and hip issue. He is encouraging, without being patronising and empathetic, whilst still being motivating. With his help I have now been able to establish a clear exercise routine for the first time in my life!






Don took time to understand my goals pushed me to do better, at the start of summer I could only do press ups on my knees but by the end of it I was able to do proper press ups! 




Don took me on at my lowest point straight from rehab. He is technical, demanding and uncompromising - exactly what I needed. With good humour, kindness and a lot of patience he pushed me through targets that I thought were unachievable in just 8 months. Then he set new ones. Forever grateful



Brilliant.  Fun, just the right kind of tough and my strength, fitness and energy levels improved really quickly, I would recommend him to anyone.




I worked with Don for 8 months and had a great experience as each session comprised a mix of strength, cardio and core exercises. I managed to really improve my boxing technique and loved getting some boxing combos going!