The concept

Personal training is called personal for a reason - my programmes are designed with your ultimate goal in mind. Not revolutionary, but it is often easy to forget that fitness is not just about how it makes you look but how it makes you feel.

Whether you came by this site to lose weight, get back into exercise, or improve sports ability, my objective is to ensure that you meet those goals and improve your overall well being.

I will train with you to challenge yourself physically and mentally whilst developing the right habits that will remain even after we end our sessions. 


what we can do

I incorporate a lot of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and boxing conditioning in my programmes to improve cardiovascular health, challenge your coordination and get you working up a sweat in no time. Beats a treadmill, anyday

Dynamic and Fun

Qualified kettle bell ​and strength & conditioning instructor. I can help you improve your sports ability with targeted programmes to help you get that much closer to the win.

Strength & Sport-specific

There is no one size that fits all.

Whether you just had a baby or are expecting, coming back from an injury, have a wedding/holiday goal in mind, or just want to get back into fitness - every session is designed with you specifically in mind. 

Tailored Programmes



The training sessions are good fun. Don has a very positive attitude - and that really helps to keep me motivated. He is great at suggesting a wide variety of exercises to help with what I need and adapts his exercises so that each session has the right level of challenge. I would definitely recommend Don to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and strength.

—  Sue, Queens Park


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